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Neverwinter Nights

What a cool game :-) Unfortunately, the install program doesn’t seem to be very reliable… I don’t think it’s setting the file date stamps correctly, which caused me problems when I tried to upgrade to version 1.31 using the patch MacSoft just released.

If only MacSoft had followed Apple’s guidelines and made it a drag-n-drop installation. Still, never mind. If you’re having the same problem with the 1.31 patch that I was, then go to the terminal and enter

cd /Applications/Neverwinter\ Nights
touch -d "May 8 2003" dialog.tlk
touch -d "Feb 7 2003" patch.key
touch -d "Feb 7 2003" data/patch.bif

then run the update installer. In my case, it thought it had finished after updating just patch.bif; if this happens to you, just run it again (or click “Continue”). If all goes well, it should have updated the files listed here. The dates on the dialog.tlk and patch.key files were still wrong when I’d finished, but it seems to have updated them.

Just in case you want to check, here are the MD5 sums of the files I have after installing the patch:

9b40bc477714600a831a2f0db2767715 dialog.tlk
444ea264c54ea15e7b031d59e924b710 patch.key
f24fb1f20ec999c9d97d90d8ceac2f82 data/patch.bif
6df328b791e9fbc07da90554a29fcc76 nwm/Chapter1.nwm
4c5f6d019937aeb17edc376687662a87 nwm/Chapter1E.nwm
061baea94ecbbc1301a3e742e2fba6ca nwm/Chapter2.nwm
b43ad6564420c63925fe3d07d0e37060 nwm/Chapter2E.nwm
a4072a057de87d5f9dc6d708611e5d4f nwm/Chapter3.nwm
3b715869b19d3063713f85f7c113233b nwm/Chapter4.nwm
1ec243edaf6201f622bc3cae61d64a76 nwm/Prelude.nwm
0784fde7c6413a441436c435c8e6b394 Dedicated Server
6f57f2764b8833f30c5a0992b4a5f559 Neverwinter Nights

You can generate a similar list by entering

md5 -r dialog.tlk patch.key data/patch.bif nwm/Chapter[1-4]* nwm/Prelude.nwm Dedicated\\ Server Neverwinter\\ Nights

at a Terminal prompt.