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This page lists the Open Source software currently hosted on my website. All of my Open Source software is licensed under the MIT License, unless otherwise specified in a file named LICENSE in the source code.

Python modules

netifaces — lets you obtain lists of network interfaces and addresses without worrying about portability.

pwtools — a Python equivalent of the Openwall Project’s passwdqc project.

pwserverd — a Python server that you can use to provide efficient access to pwtools from environments such as PHP scripts.

hglist — a Mercurial extension that adds an hg ls command.

ds_store — manipulate .DS_Store files from Python code. mac_alias — generate and parse Mac Alias records from Python. dmgbuild — Mac OS X command line utility to build disk images.

Mac OS X software

getlabel — allows you to set Finder label colours from the command line.

staticroute — lets you configure static routes on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and later.

semsrv — cross-process semaphores with timeouts for Mac OS X.

ArrowDemo — shows one way to add stylish arrows to the ends of Bézier paths.

snomURLHandler — a simple status item that lets your snom IP phone handle tel: and sip: URLs.