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Nearly There!

Today was a major milestone in my project… the basic GUI functionality is now done! I've already completed my command line app., so the vast majority of my first product is now pretty much done (I just need to do some polishing and testing).

I have thought of a couple of additional things that I'd like to have before the first version that I actually ship, but they're fairly minor and should be pretty easy to do.

And there's a manual to write :-)

Anyway, I'm getting quite excited, because I'm rapidly approaching the part I've never done before… that is, starting a company and actually marketing and selling something. I don't yet know how well my product will sell (although I do have some facts and figures, so I have a few ideas), but then even if it doesn't do all that well, I think there's a good chance I'll be happy enough. Still, we'll see :-)