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Company Formation

This is one of those things that seemed a bit daunting at first, although the more I found out about it, the less awkward it seemed to be.

Anyway, I have incorporated a company (in fact, it was incorporated yesterday) through which I can sell my products. The next few things to do are:

  • Transfer the 1 share that was subscribed to by the company formation agent into my name.
  • Decide on the accounting reference date (currently this is 31st March, which means, coincidentally, that the company's accounting year runs in step with the tax year… I am undecided as to whether or not this is a benefit).
  • Decide how to invest money in the company (e.g., whether all of my investment should be in the form of share capital, or whether I take another route).
  • Open a bank account for the company.

I should also be getting a form from the Inland Revenue, which I will need to complete and return to them, although if I don't receive it within a sensible amount of time I'll need to contact them.

And on top of all that, I'll want to register for VAT.

Once all of that's done, I'll be pretty much up and running!