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More Plumbing…

Today we got a new water softener, which you would have thought would have been a fairly simple piece of plumbing, especially given that we already had a very similar water softener in place (albeit a broken one).

Predictably though, it became more complicated than it should have… the controller on the water softener doesn’t have have the thread for the appliance connectors—instead, you are supposed to screw-in a 3/4” joiner, which is all well and good, apart from the fact that it seemed to be impossible to get it to seal properly, even with PTFE tape. Eventually, after several extremely frustrating hours of repeatedly attempting to get a decent seal with just PTFE tape, I got fed-up and added a couple of rubber O-rings, which have sealed the system nicely.

Anyway, all in all, a very frustrating day spent plumbing rather than doing what I wanted to be doing, and just to cap it all, the people who were going to buy our house have pulled-out at the last minute, leaving us £500 out of pocket because we’d just put a deposit down on a new house.