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Launch Day!

My company’s website is now active and (I hope) ready to accept payments. I can also reveal what I was working on (and being so secretive about); the company’s first product is a piece of software called iPartition, which is an advanced partition management tool for Mac OS X. Not only is iPartition capable of resizing HFS+ (Mac OS Extended) partitions without reformatting them, but it also takes care of any rearrangement of other partitions on the disk that may be necessary as a result. It also lets you queue-up several operations so that you can go away and let iPartition get on with it while you have a cup of tea (or coffee). It’s a fully native Cocoa application, enhanced for Panther (it looks prettier), and very easy to use.

If, by chance, you need a disk partitioning tool (for example, you’re dying to have a go with your new Tiger Developer Preview), you might want to consider it.

Here’s a screenshot:


BTW, it’s only available for electronic download at the moment; hopefully at some point we’ll be able to ship CDs as well, but for now, if you want to use it to repartition your boot disk, you’ll need another Mac (so you can use yours in FireWire target mode), or another disk you can boot off. An easy way to make a bootable Mac OS X CD, if you don’t already have something suitable, is Charles Srstka’s excellent BootCD.

(Oh, by the way, I know that IE on Windows doesn’t render the company’s site properly; it’s IE’s box model bug and its lack of support for transparent PNGs that are the problem, well, that and some slightly incompatible Javascript. I’ll get round to fixing it soon, although the site is still usable.)