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Notice: Mis-use of Trackback Pings on This Site for Advertising Is Now Chargeable

I’m fed up with trackback pings linking to sites I don’t care for, so, as of the date of this post:

  1. By sending trackback pings to this weblog, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
  2. You acknowledge that this site makes use of resources owned or paid for by Alastair Houghton.
  3. You acknowledge that the facility to accept trackback pings has been provided for the benefit of readers of this weblog and for the benefit of authors of other weblogs making legitimate comment on the content of this blog.
  4. You further acknowledge that this facility is not provided for the benefit of commercial operations, and it is specifically prohibited to use the facility for advertising purposes.
  5. You agree that if you act in breach of item 4, above, you will pay a fee of GBP£1,000 for each and every trackback ping that contains unwanted links and/or text.
  6. Furthermore, you agree that, should any trackback ping contain or link to material of an illegal or pornographic nature, or to an Internet gambling site, you will pay an additional fee of GBP£1,000 for each instance.
  7. Additionally, you agree that you will bear the full cost of recovery of any fees should you default on payment, including but not limited to fees associated with obtaining your legal identity, court fees and associated costs.
  8. Payment is to be made within 30 days. You agree to take sole responsibility for any bank charges payable. Payment details provided upon request. Overdue payments incur interest payable at 10% per calendar month.
  9. Governing law for the purposes of this agreement is the law of England. Conflict of law rules of any jurisdiction shall not apply. Any dispute will be held in an English court as determined by Alastair Houghton and/or his legal representatives. </ol>