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Too Hot…

I’m too hot. And yes, I’m going to whinge about it to you :-)

It’s currently at least 25°C (air temperature) in this room (the thermometer I just fetched is still heading slowly upwards), and the Met Office people on the TV said this morning that it was going to be over 70% humidity. The air surrounding me feels like it’s probably gone over 90%, but then I’m a sweaty customer in this sort of heat so that’s hardly an objective assessment of the situation :-)

Of course, people in some parts of the world will look at this post and think “Hey, that’s a pleasantly cool day, what’s this guy talking about?”. Equally, in temperatures I feel more comfortable in, they might don ski-wear when I was still wandering about in jeans and a T-shirt. Funny how even peoples’ impressions of temperature are relative.