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Aaargh! My Keyboard Just Broke

A while back, I bought myself a Matias Tactile Pro keyboard, which, I must say, is very pleasant to type on. I’ve been very pleased with it, though the general finish could be better, the USB ports are a bit stiff, and it has a very annoying shadow key combination that regularly turns Caps lock on for me when I don’t want it (and no, I’m not hitting the Caps key by mistake).

Anyhow, today, the ‘C’ key stopped working properly. Sometimes I’d type ten ‘C’s in a row and still nothing. As a software developer, that’s just impossible to live with. I’ve just connected the new keyboard that came with my Mac Pro, but in the time I’ve been typing this, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a horrible spongy thing, so I will be reverting to the much nicer keyboard that came with my older 1.42GHz PowerMac.

And on that note, a plea to Apple: please make better keyboards. The ones you’re making now look quite nice, but they don’t feel nice to type on.