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How Childish

This made me laugh. The people at (probably LMH) have apparently tried to use their firewall to block me from seeing their site (see the last post on that thread; it’s a firewall rule from their server).

The only reason I can think of for doing this is that they don’t want me to see the bug reports they’re publishing on MoAB, perhaps because they’re worried that some of them might not be accurate and I might pick them up on it.

Of course, I can still see the entire info-pull site, no problem at all, so the only effect of their attempt to block me is that they look childish. Without any proof, LMH will probably claim that I’m lying and can’t really see his site, so here’s a screenshot from today (this hasn’t been edited at all, and came from behind the connection that they’d tried to block):

Incidentally, whilst we’re looking at this page, has anyone else noticed how LMH/info-pull/MoAB are asking for “donations”?