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WWDC 2007

Well, I’m now in San Francisco for WWDC 2007. I’m pretty tired after over 10 hours of flight, not to mention an overnight stay in the Heathrow Renaissance (which was very comfortable, aside from not having any hot water in the bath/shower in the early morning when I was getting up, and the usual problems of not sleeping well in a new place and/or when worrying about making certain to get to the airport on time).

Still, I’m looking forward to WWDC this year. I was last here in 2005, but I think 2007’s conference should be much more interesting, both for me and for my company (I have a distinct feeling that Apple are going to do something that’s awkward for us, again… though I should add that we do expect that to some extent, and all the things that fall into that category are good for end users).