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Back in the U.K.

Well, after spending a very pleasant ten days in San Francisco, I’m back in the U.K., jet-lag and all. Seriously, I’m still feeling pretty tired, and I got back on Wednesday (by the time I made it home, it was late afternoon and I’d been travelling for over 33 hours and awake for a good nine hours before that). Eight hours’ time difference is a real killer when flying East; wandering round earlier today, I felt like a character from Night of the Living Dead :-) Well, apart from the eating other people part, anyway.

Predictably, it has been raining here. Actually it seems to have been raining rather a lot, with the result that there has been flooding in one or two places (not here on the south coast, thankfully). The temperature isn’t too bad though, so at least I don’t feel cold as well as tired.

Oh, I should add that, if you’re ever thinking of going to San Francisco, Hotel Monaco is a great place to stay. It’s much better than the usual chain hotels—they really made me feel at home and it was particularly pleasant having a living room area where you can meet and talk to other hotel guests.