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iPhone Fonts

For those of us not yet able to own an iPhone, it has been interesting reading the remarks from our U.S.-based brethren. The most interesting post so far, though, to my mind, must be John Gruber’s blog on the fonts installed on the iPhone.

I think he has hit the nail on the head with many of his points. I can only wonder what drove them to include the awful Courier New, whilst leaving out Courier. Or why they included both Arial and Helvetica, but left out the wonderful Gill Sans and Futura.

The only thing I disagree with in Gruber’s post, I think, is the part where he laments the inclusion of Trebuchet MS. iPhone clearly had to include all of Microsoft’s “standard” web fonts (well, the ones that aren’t just clones, anyway), because otherwise some websites wouldn’t have rendered correctly. This one included, incidentally (I use Trebuchet for some of the sans-serif text).

Of course, with any luck, this problem will go away all by itself as browsers gain support for SVG fonts. Maybe I’m being over-optimistic about that, though, given the past history of not properly supporting standards in some camps.