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Connectivity Hell

On Friday, my ’Net connection started bouncing up and down every minute or so. Obviously this isn’t supposed to happen, and this is the second time now that it has. Unfortunately, working from home, I rely on my ’Net connection working.

To their credit, have always answered the phone promptly and have tried to help, as much as they can. I don’t actually think it’s their fault though. Most likely (particularly as it happened on a Friday last time too) it’s one of BT’s engineers doing something on a Friday at our local exchange.

Anyway, I’ve pretty much made up my mind that I need an office. Extra expense, obviously, but at least it means I’m not reliant on my home broadband connection.

(It has got a bit better, in that it’s now up and down every five minutes or so, rather than every minute, but even so it makes things rather awkward…)