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The Man Who Sued God, but This Time for Real

An Indian judge has issued a court summons for two gods.

I’d laugh my head off if they actually turned up, but given my scepticism about the existence of deities generally (gods, as far as I’m concerned, are a lot of superstitious nonsense that we could usefully do without1), I find the prospect disappointingly unlikely.

It does put the priest in a quandary though. If they don’t turn up, who is the court going to hold in contempt? Surely the priest, as the representative of those gods, is the only option, which means he might very well win his case and go to jail :-)

1 If you’re going to claim that I can’t know that they don’t exist, you’re right, it is impossible to know that for certain. However, in the absence of evidence that there is a huge invisible elephant sat behind me, I choose not to believe in such a beast. Believing in deities is no more or less ridiculous. (No, this is not politically correct. Too bad. I don’t subscribe to the view that we should all tiptoe about for fear of offending over-sensitive religious types. If you’re offended, go out and buy yourself a copy of The God Delusion and read it properly. I dare you.)