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Programmers, Mind Your Hands

This week hasn’t been the greatest ever for me. On Monday, I was swamped with support (it was coming in as fast as I was answering it), and ended up still at work at 7:30pm. Ditto Tuesday (7:30pm again), though that was partly because I started the day with a lot of replies to messages I’d sent on Monday (in reply to queries that had come in).

Then yesterday I woke up with a nasty headache.

But today is worse. Today, it has become apparent that I’ve injured my left hand. I’d been finding for a few days that my hand started to hurt a bit in the early afternoon (and I mean, somewhere inside the hand itself, not on the surface and not the muscles that control it). But today it was really unpleasant, a sharp pain, not unlike a bad headache but inside my hand. I tried resting it a bit, and the pain went away, so I suppose it must be a typing-related problem, and since I don’t want to end up like poor Ben Wing, that means typing one-handed and resting my broken hand.

Only, typing one-handed is slow and I make mistakes :-( :-(

I feel about as much use right now as a chocolate teapot.