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I Have a Hackintosh, and I Want Support Dammit

Erm, no.

Go away.

We don’t want to support you. You and your stupid hackintosh are a pain in the backside. A waste of our time. Your machine doesn’t work the same as a real Mac, and that’s why you’re having problems. Go buy a real Mac, then come back.

Seriously, hackintosh owners are really annoying. They often try to skirt around the fact that they’re using hardware other than that supplied by Apple. This is, of course, highly relevant when you’re dealing with a disk utility. Often it will become apparent, after we’ve wasted our time asking and answering several rounds of questions, that their machine is not normal. At which point, the question “Are you, perchance, using a hackintosh?” is inevitably broached. Responses to this vary from “Oh, er, am I?” through to self-righteous nonsense about how it shouldn’t matter (as if they have a clue).

We never claimed that our software would work on their hackintosh. It might do, it might not, but we aren’t going to make a huge effort to make it work if it doesn’t. Our software is for Macs. Macs are not hackintoshes.