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Updated Coriolis Systems Website

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog, and people who follow me on twitter, or who read any of the mailing lists I occasionally contribute to will have noticed my absence also.

There are various reasons for this, but the most recent has been that I’ve been busy doing a re-design of the Coriolis Systems website. It’s still a way from where I’d like to be with it, but the new design is a lot better in many respects and what’s more it fixes a couple of long-standing bugs and problems with the old site, the most commonly complained about being that you can now specify your own password.

And, unlike so many websites out there, your password is stored safely on our server; even we can’t read it, and we won’t be told by our site about any incorrect passwords you may try (well, we’ll be told you’ve tried, but not what you tried). A lot of websites’ administrators have direct access to cleartext copies of your password (if you use the same password everywhere and this doesn’t scare you, it probably should).

It should be a lot easier for people to download our software now too… as long as you’re logged-in, all the download demo links change to download links for the full version.