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Panic Buying Stupidity

OK, so we’ve yet again been asked not to panic-buy fuel. Well it so happens that this morning I really did need to fill my car up (I’d just about run out of petrol), so as usual I drove to work via the local petrol station.


Not only were there large numbers of vehicles trying to fill up (more than normal, I would say), but a Budgens delivery driver (the local petrol station has a Budgens supermarket attached) was reversing a huge articulated lorry into the station and across the forecourt. In order to do that, he had to spend a considerable amount of time completely blocking the road.

Whether the large queues were caused by the amount of time the road was blocked, or whether this heralds the beginning of yet another round of stupid panic buying, I don’t know, but I did notice that Newgate Lane (along which I have to drive every day) was also clogged up until I got past the ASDA roundabout. ASDA, of course, has a petrol station…