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File Sharing Sites Hiding Behind DMCA

Yet again our software has been posted to various file sharing websites, and yet again we are forced to ask them to remove it.

But many of them still hide behind DMCA even when told that they are hosting a folder full of infringing material. They won’t act on their own account and don’t actually care that their Acceptable Use Policies already prohibit such material and would enable them to remove the files themselves.

How do I know this? Well today’s little irritation involved sending a notice to MediaFire about a folder full of files over which we hold copyright. I also, in the same e-mail, complained about the containing folder, which contains a lot of other peoples’ copyrighted work (though I noted that I had no legal standing to do so). What did I get in reply? Yes, that’s right folks, a demand that I format my request exactly as required by DMCA and a notice that MediaFire would ignore any request that wasn’t formatted that way. Furthermore they tell me that they will ignore any request relating to a folder, since they can’t be bothered to check all the files in a folder (just the ones you list).

Ethical? Like hell.