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It’s been ages since I last posted on my blog. Far too long, I tend to think.

Anyway, I recently went on holiday to Marrakech for a week, staying in a charming little riad just inside the medina walls. I’d describe the accommodation as basic but very pleasant; the staff were friendly, polite and helpful, and aside from the day when the Moroccan government turned the water off everything was pretty good, I’d say.

Marrakech was amazing. Very different from anywhere I’ve been previously. I think it’s become a bit tourist-oriented these days and I also think it’s been largely spoiled by the availability of cheap motorbikes and motorcycles (which the locals drive at breakneck speed through the souk and just about everywhere else as well).

That said, there’s still plenty to see and do, both in Marrakech itself and in the surrounding area. I think my favourite place was Aït Benhaddou, where I maintained my tradition of accidentally putting my foot in the nearest river/stream/pond. Fortunately it was nice and warm, so it dried out quickly.

I have a large pile of photos that I need to go through. I might post a few somewhere—we’ll see.