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McCain Spam

Is anyone else receiving spam from the John McCain campaign? Thus far, my company has received no fewer than three spam e-mails from (and yes, I’m pretty certain they originate with the McCain campaign itself, and not with some spammer out to discredit the Republican presidential candidate).

This is annoying for three reasons:

  • The e-mail address to which these are being sent cannot have been collected in a legal manner. Why? Because it’s one of our customer contact e-mail addresses, that’s why. We don’t give it out to people so that they can send us marketing e-mail.
  • We aren’t American. i.e. we don’t even have a blasted vote!
  • It’s illegal to send spam into the European Union. Yet here we have an example of the American establishment flouting E.U. law.

Anyway, Mr. McCain, whoever is doing your e-mail campaign is doing you and your party a disservice. Spamming people isn’t going to make them vote for you; it’s going to make them vote for someone else. Probably Barack Obama.

(Of course, some may say, well, so much the better. I don’t really have an opinion on who the United States should elect as their next president. I suspect it will be Obama, and I hope therefore that he turns out to be a good choice for the American people.)