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Finder-like Icon View Source Code

So I said ages ago (here too) that I’d release the source code for a Finder-style icon view that I had sitting around on my disk.

Yesterday, while listening to the speakers at the first day of NSConference, I managed to find the time to tidy up what I had and to make it build and run properly on Snow Leopard.

The code isn’t perfect — I can think of lots of things that need doing to get it to the stage where I’d want to use it myself in an app — and because it was started way back in 2005 and slowly tinkered with over time, I’m sure there’s plenty that could be tidied up too… but it does provide a lot of examples of using all kinds of Cocoa functionality, some of which is not so obvious until you’ve tried it once or twice.

Anyway, it’s available under an MIT-style license from Google Code.